5 Things You Should Know for Your Newborn Session!

For all of you new moms & moms to be out there I thought I would share some of my own personal tips for what to expect and prepare for your newborn photography session! I am always so honored to capture such precious new life. It is truly a gift to meet so many families and brand new little ones, and to know I’m capturing moments that people will treasure for a lifetime. I hope that some of the things below will help you feel comfortable and prepared for your newborn’s first photo session! If you have any other questions please share them with me in the comments below.

  1. When to Schedule ~ Plan on allowing about 2 hours (and sometimes more) for the session, the earlier in the day, the better (for baby’s temperament). Newborn photography is best done  1 – 4 weeks after the birth.
  2. Location ~ I will come to your home and we will find a good place in the home to photograph baby. The home is where baby and parents will be the most comfortable, and if there are any pets or siblings they can be in the photos as well. We can also do some outdoor portraits if the weather is nice!
  3. What to Wear ~ Decide if you’re comfortable with photographing baby in the buff. In the buff, with a simple cloth diaper, hat, or bloomers, is a very pure and sweet way to capture your newborn’s innocence. In addition I would recommend having 2-3 cute outfits for baby on hand. For parents and siblings you should each have at least a couple of outfits selected, solid colors (typically black, white, tan or blush tops) are best. Pick something you feel comfortable and attractive in!
  4. How to Prepare ~ Make sure that baby is fed, bathed, and warm before the session. Keep your home as warm as possible (75˚F or higher) to keep baby happy. Make sure to have a few extra clean blankets on hand. I will bring some props, such as a box or basket, but if there are any other special items such as stuffed animals or special blankets please have them clean and ready. If there are any photos of mine, or any others that you especially like, please let me know!
  5. What to Expect During the Session ~ Like it or not, we’ll be on baby’s schedule, so be willing to take your time and go with the flow!  We’ll probably need to take breaks for feeding, changing or cuddle time to soothe any fussiness from time to time. Depending on baby’s mood we’ll probably start with family or group shots, and then take some of baby alone. I’ll take many photos and we will end up with some real gems!

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