All the District’s Places- Photo Contest!

As any photographer will surely attest, the summer wedding season will slip by in a blink. Somewhere between the blushing brides and the camera flashes, three entire months flash by on their own. I documented some very unique and very beautiful weddings and also previewed some brides-to-be in their engagement photos. I traveled from to Cape Cod to Colorado, from Texas to a three-country tour through Europe. And it’s not over yet! September will be another busy month, before the beauty of October rolls into D.C.

That’s why I’d like to spend a month collecting your ideas of the best locations for a fall photo shoot to happen sometime in October or early November. Be it for a family or a couple or a frolicking pet, I’d love to hear your creativity abound. Perhaps the gingko trees swathing your favorite street in gold? Perhaps a hidden trail somewhere in Shenandoah? Nowhere in the greater DC area is off limits.

Your best suggestion: a time, a place, and even a theme, if you’re so inclined. That theme could be a holiday card you’d like to send, Halloween costumes for your kids, etc. If you’ve got a snapshot of the area to illustrate, fantastic, but not required. Send your idea to us at or leave it in the comments section. The winner receives a free photo shoot capturing our uniquely glorious season, featuring your favorite people in your chosen District place.

Cheers to the coming fall!

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Jessica - September 5, 2012 - 10:32 am

Georgetown or even the Georgetown University Campus would be absolutely GORGEOUS in October/November when the leaves are falling and you can literally SEE Fall in the air. All that brick, such a beautiful authentic area. I can see it now:)

Martha Gustafson - September 9, 2012 - 9:34 am

Harper’s Ferry at Jefferson Rock
Harper’s Ferry at Catholic Church
Blue Ridge Parkway
Cooper’s Rock, near Morgantown, WV
You take marvelous photographs!

Leigh Garland - September 11, 2012 - 7:12 pm

I love Mt. Vernon in the fall. The trees are gorgeous and the grounds overlook the Potomac. You can almost feel GW’s presence. There is no charge to enter the grounds/gardens.

Swann Street near Dupont Circle. It’s the quintessential tree-lined WDC street with beautiful old row homes. It’s a very narrow street, so any sidewalk shots would capture the beauty of the entire street.

Montrose Park in Georgetown is gorgeous. Beautiful grass for portrait/picnic shots, lovely old trees, and cute sidewalks with gas lamps.

Visit a pumpkin patch for a fall harvest festival

On the front lawn of Healey Hall at Georgetown U. You can’t go wrong with that backdrop.

Marisa Green - September 11, 2012 - 7:35 pm

My family and I love the botanical gardens – when the afternoon sun lights up the beautiful flowers that choose only to grace the eye in the autumn… The colors can be so gorgeous! Besides the fact that they have such amazing trees there, too!

(And my two little blonde boys love to pose for pretty ladies.) ;o)

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