Ameesh & Anissa’s Big Wedding Day

A gorgeous day in July for a gorgeous couple t0 get married at the Woodmore Country Club in Maryland. One of the most beautiful ceremonies I’ve been to thus far! Here’s why- it was a Hindi ceremony which is always fun and interesting to do, and they had a very insightful, kind and wise Pandit (Hindu Preist). His words about marriage and love were most excellent and, I can’t lie, I was tearing up behind the camera! I began the day photographing Anissa while she and her close female friends and family helped dress her and get her ready. Needless to say, she looked stunning as you’ll see below. She then walked out to the patio of the country club where the ceremony took place. It was a hot, humid day and the ceremony was in the direct sunlight- not an easy sight to photograph correctly, and not an easy setting to sit in. By the end of the 2 hour ceremony, most of the guests had migrated to the shade or indoors to the air conditioning. But I held up strong with Ameesh and Anissa in their full garb and me in my black formals snapping away through out the meaningful and symbolic passages (of course sneaking in a cup of water or mango lassi here and there to keep hydrated). Ameesh and Anissa were just so happy and so obviously in love, that they didn’t seem to notice the heat- most of the shots I got of them were of them gazing into each other’s eyes with care and true love. It was so sweet!

After the ceremony, we took some fun portraits around the grounds in their wedding clothes. They then changed into their reception outfits for some more photos, and of course, the reception. Throughout the evening celebration, there were performances, lots of dancing, socializing, amazing indian food,  and some yummy georgetown cupcakes. With such a beautiful evening, I had to sneak Ameesh and Anissa outside for a few minutes of stillness and photos which you’ll see at the end. Hope you enjoy the photos!



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