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Doug & Alana’s Denver Engagement

Like a lot of my Colorado shoots, one of these subjects is an old friend of mine from college. Alana is now a chiropractor with her parents’ family practice and she’s marrying Doug, who works in the weather-research field. These two may seem studious by profession, but they’re actually all about the laughing side of […]

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Kristine & Ian

Ian and I have been friends since our collegiate days at Colorado College. Sometimes I still find it hard to believe how time has flown when suddenly old buddies are popping questions, but with Ian and Kristine, it’s just such a natural match. Especially because this lady is that total package: super sweet and wicked […]

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Going Green for Nature is Wicked Awesome!

I’ve always been conscious about the environment- for example, I’ve done what I can to recycle, I’ve picked up trash when it needs picking up, I’ll try to bring my bags to the store rather than using paper or plastic, and have tried to live with the motto- leave places cleaner than when you arrived. […]

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