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Bride’s Choice Award 2011!

Thank you!!!! Just in case you didn’t see it back in February, I received this lovely Bride’s choice award from the Wedding Wire! I am always sooo excited to hear any kind words from my clients and this is truly an honor especially to have received it in my first year!!! The annual Bride’s Choice Awards recognizes excellence in […]

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Going Green for Nature is Wicked Awesome!

I’ve always been conscious about the environment- for example, I’ve done what I can to recycle, I’ve picked up trash when it needs picking up, I’ll try to bring my bags to the store rather than using paper or plastic, and have tried to live with the motto- leave places cleaner than when you arrived. […]

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Monkey Takes Self Portraits!!

Amazingness…An article from the Daily Mail reveals these actual self portrait photos taken with an unattended camera by Crested Black Macaque Monkeys in Indonesia. I am in absolute awe over this- not only does it combine photography and monkeys- two of my most favorite things on earth but the expressions…well they are priceless!!   Cheeky monkey! Macaque […]

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