So I used to live in Colorado and actually moved out to Washington DC for photography school in the fall of 2008. Boy do I miss it! Even though I seem to get out there at least 2-3 times a year, it’s never quite enough so I’m going to start migrating my business back out there for nature photography as well as the usual work. I’m looking forward to sharing the time between east and west! As I was born and raised an East Coaster and can’t live with out fresh seafood and a little humidity 😉 But those mountains do call to me as well!

Anyway, here are some photos from the latest trip I took with my dad. We started in Denver where we visited family and friends and then worked our way down the the absolutely gorgeous Mount Princeton hot springs. There, we indulged in the glorious hot springs at the base of the 14,197 foot mountain before visiting the old ghost town St. Elmo and driving down to Zapata Ranch (now owned by the Nature Conservancy) in the San Louise Valley just south of the Great Sand Dunes. We stayed at the Ranch for a couple of days, went to the dunes, to Zapata Falls and also on a cool Bison tour where we actually got pretty close to a large herd of Bison. It was a very wonderful experience staying at the ranch- peacful, gorgeous, friendly and a perfect get away from the busy city of DC!

On our way back to Denver we stopped for a soak in the Mineral Hot springs, to see the amazing snow levels at the top of Independence Pass, and to visit the highest town in America (Leadville). Needless to say, I had a truly awesome vacation with my dad!! Here are a few photos to show from our fun times! I only brought a 50mm lens with a 40D body and my dinky point and shoot so I could officially be on vacation and not fall victim to my cameras lol!



A morning at Mt. Princeton Hot Springs (point and shoot camera)


St. Elmo Ghost Town- It snowed on us after 5 minutes of being up there

point and shoot


Zapata Ranch & Nature Conservancy Bison Herd- only a small group of the 2000 they have on this ranch!

With the 50mm


My dad and I enjoying the Great Sand Dunes with the point and shoot


Great Sand Dunes up close and personal

point and shoot:



Great Sand Dunes from far far away….well maybe like 3 miles away…beautiful though right? These are with my 50mm



Sunset on Zapata Ranch also with the 50mm



Zapata Falls- I went in further to the actual falls- behind where I am standing there- with out shoes on and came out with icicles as my feet! That water was COLD! (point and shoot)


The snow up on Independence pass…poor choice of footwear I’ll admit. (point and shoot)

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