Eric & Erin’s DC Wedding

It was a cool morning on what turned out to be a gorgeous spring day in March in Washington D.C.. Since you never know what the weather will be that time of year, Eric and Erin were very lucky to have such a wonderful day for their wedding! We started with the girls getting ready at Erin’s Bridal Suite at the Willard Continental Hotel in Downtown D.C. while the Eric and his groomsmen prepped for the big day at the couple’s apartment a few blocks away.

Once dressed and ready to go, we hopped in a trolly and made our way up to the University of Maryland Chapel where the dual Catholic and Jewish ceremony took place. It was a lovely ceremony, full of joyful tears and little bits of laughter as the Priest and Rabbi weaved their sermon’s together in marrying the couple. After the ceremony, we snapped a few photos in and around the chapel before taking the trolly down to the National Mall (the DC War Memorial and The Lincoln) and Lafayette Square in front of the White House for all the fun and formal photos with the bridal party and bride and groom.

Finally we made it back to the Willard where both the cocktail hour and jumping reception took place. From the awesome band to the awesome dancing guests and the tasty food, fun was had by everyone at this wedding. I had such a hard time narrowing down the images from the reception because there were so many fun dancing action shots! I hope you enjoy looking through these highlights from the day as much as I enjoyed being there to capture the beautiful memories from this gorgeous and loving couple’s day. Congratulations Eric & Erin!!


Eric & Erin-1Eric & Erin-2Eric & Erin-8Eric & Erin-3Eric & Erin-4Eric & Erin-5Eric & Erin-6Eric & Erin-7Eric & Erin-9Eric & Erin-10Eric & Erin-11

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