Going Green for Nature is Wicked Awesome!

I’ve always been conscious about the environment- for example, I’ve done what I can to recycle, I’ve picked up trash when it needs picking up, I’ll try to bring my bags to the store rather than using paper or plastic, and have tried to live with the motto- leave places cleaner than when you arrived. I think a lot of us have done at least that and a heck of a lot more. It’s something I care deeply about and think it is something we all have to be conscious of this day and age. It’s such an important concept to live by so that we have a bright and beautiful future ahead, both for us and for future generations as well. An undisturbed, clean and pretty world is pretty place to photograph and I want to keep it that way!

One thing I began to realize as I entered the world of photography, is that it isn’t the most ‘green’ or organic business in which to partake. However upon doing a bit of research and getting my head in the game, I’ve found that there are a bunch of fabulous companies who are beginning to work towards helping us photographers create more world friendly packages and services. First- and probably most obvious of the steps, was the transition to digital- which means, less film, less printing, fewer developing chemicals, fewer film canisters and plastic film containers etc. So because I like to think of myself as pretty environmentally conscious, I’m making efforts to create a green and organic photography business. This way we can all feel good about having our photos taken and printed and not worry too much about how big of an imprint we are creating on the world- at least when it comes to your pictures:)yay!

Some of the steps I’ve taken so far include: using album, printing and packaging companies (Coutour Books, Leather Craftsmen and Macro Fine Arts)  who use and create gorgeous recycled products for my clients so we don’t have to worry about killing more forests, or creating more waste. Going green with thank you notes and cards for my clients by using a fab company called Paperless Post. And finally, using less paper in packaging the client DVD’s by using rad tin cases. I’ve even got one pretty much completely green and organic package that includes a fully recycled, simply beautiful, cotton album, and a bad ass bamboo print. All of my other packages are at least made out of 50% recycled materials and are also quite incredible.

Another cool step I’ve taken and will continue to take is antiquing. Why antiquing you may ask? Well it’s something I never really considered to be fun or wanted to do, however I was undoubtedly so wrong, it’s crazy. There are some amazing pieces and vintage props that I have recently stumbled upon and plan to incorporate into my newborn, baby and children photography. I love the feel they give to a scene and the best part is- the props really are re-used antiques- they don’t just look like them!!

Lastly here is one thing we can all do- along with reducing, reusing and recycling- if we are DC or Chicago residents, there is an excellent program called Live Green. You can join for a tiny fee as I did today and get discounts all around town at local businesses who are making major efforts to become eco- friendly. So if you use those companies, you can rest assure that you’ll be helping to make the world a better place and it doesn’t take much effort at all:)Double Yay!!!

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Marian - August 3, 2011 - 4:13 pm

Love this Katharine!

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