Ipad Albums & Digital Photo Frame albums Now Available!

With the digital age being so awesome, I figured, why not offer digital albums and digital frame albums!! Now you can get the top selection of your images on a shiny new ipad or displayed in a fabulous 12″ digital photo frame! Just imagine, instead of having to pull your big wedding or portrait album out of the bookshelf and dust it off to show off  your awesome photographs with everyone you love,  you can have those fabulous images on a running slide show  display in your home or office!! Or even better, imagine this: instead of pulling out your wallet to share little itsy bitsy prints with worn edges, being able to whip out a snazzy new ipad to instantly share with everyone the latest photos of your little one or the priceless images from your incredible wedding!!

These are a must for everyone!! They make fabulous gifts and are truly one of the BEST ways to show off your photos with out you having to do any work!!

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