Jessica & Christopher’s Cosmos Club Wedding

Jessica & Christopher had a gorgeous wedding at the Cosmos Club in Washington D.C. with some very untraditional twists to spice up the day. It started with the schedule being quite different than the general schedule most weddings have. Instead of starting with the ceremony, they started with some portraits, a cocktail hour (where Christopher- the groom, and his family serenaded Jessica with a love song) and then a plated dinner. This was followed by a lovely ceremony for which the bride and groom both changed into more formal evening wear, more portraits, and the reception with loads of dancing. Other fancy twists to their big day were the dresses worn by the Bride. They were designed just for Jessica out of gorgeous vibrant silk. The earlier portion of the day, she wore a red knee length dress with brown fringe and a brown sash. Her full length evening wedding gown was peacock green with grass green lining and a lengthy oriental patchwork sash that served as her train. My favorite part of this (asideĀ from the fact she wore such bright colors for the big day rather than white) was that she went equally as bold with her hair pieces and red lipstick! Not many gals can pull that off! You’ll see what I’m talking about in the photos ahead.

There were scattered thunderstorms through out the day that prevented us from taking lots of outdoor photos, though we snuck some in here and there (as well as some fun night shots). Lucky for us though, the Cosmos Club had excellent decor to provide some gorgeous backdrops for portraits and the like. The ceremony was lovely and had the personal touch of Jessica and Christopher as they recited the vows they had written for each other. The reception was of course, fabulous, with tons of dancing and great tunes, thanks to the fun, willing crowd and their excellent choice of DJ Chris Laich. Enjoy the photos as we certainly had quite a blast taking them:)

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