Kate Haus Photography Custom Designed Products

We’re excited to announce that we’re now offering additional custom designed products. Here is a list of those items:

Custom DVD or USB

A USB of your final images.

Weddings                   $800.00
Portraits                     $500.00









Mini Accordion Albums

These pocket sized mini albums make great keepsakes. With images on both sides, they fold up nicely for easy storage, or open up for a nice display.

Set of 3                    $75.00


Magnetic City Album

Image Wrap Hard Cover Magnetic Close Album Up to 200 Pages/200 images 80% recycled material

Magnetic City Album 6″ x 7.5″      $875.00
Magnetic City Album 8″ x 10″        $1075.00
Magnetic City Album 10″ X 13″    $1300.00

Organic Album  

Image Wrap Hard Cover Cotton Album Up to 200 Pages/200 images 100% recycled material

Organic Album 6″ X 6″                $850.00
Organic Album 8″ X 8″                $950.00
Organic Album 10″ X 10″            $1100.00

Press Printed Look Book or Guest Book

20-40 page Custom Coffee Table Book with Hard Cover and Image Wrap

Look Book 8″ x 8″                          $375.00
Look Book 12″ x 12″                      $495.00

The Love Album

30 sides – choose from square, vertical, or horizontal albums, all featuring hand-mounted images on every page. A variety of unique cover options are available, including Leather, Japanese Silk, Split Tone, and more.

Love Album 8″ x 8″            $900
Love Album 10″ x 10″        $1,098
Love Album 12″ x 12″          $1,300


Fine Art Print

Mounted and ready to hang, these elegant fine art prints come in bamboo, canvas, or acrylic.

Fine Art Prints 16″ x 20″               $150








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