NFL Sidelines: Seahawks vs. Redskins

In light of the Superbowl only a few weeks away, I wanted to post some of my own NFL pics :)!!

I am so blessed to have the sweetest younger brother, who also happens to be the place kicker for the Seattle Seahawks football team! He surprised me over my Thanksgiving visit with a press pass to the Seattle Seahaws/Washington Redskins game. Let’s just say it was awesome!! Nerves mixed with adrenaline mixed with the excitement of joining and watching my “little” brother on the field produced some great pictures. All my senses were heightened when looking through the view finder in the event that the ball might come in my direction and I would quickly have to get of of the way of 200 and 300 pound athletes. It was truly a wonderful opportunity and something I hope to pursue more when I have the chance. There is no better view than from the sideline with unlimited access. Thank you, Steve, and go Seahawks!


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Robin Manno - February 27, 2012 - 8:39 am

Just browsing through your blog and I just wanted to say I LOVE these football pics! It’s something I have always wanted to do. Nice work.

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