Park & Heather’s Cape Wedding

Occasionally in a story or movie there is a romantic depiction of seaside nuptials on the shores of the northeast. There is something infinitely captivating about salty air, sailboats and shorelines, especially as the setting of a white wedding. What makes this story truly great is that it’s authentic, as Heather’s parents have a place on Cape Cod in Harwich Port. The “Sunday School” ice cream shop in these photos isn’t a backdrop- it’s a childhood memory. And as their wedding photographer, I’ve got my own memories intermingled in this- Park is someone I’ve known for over two decades. I grew up literally around the block from him and attended high school in a Boston suburb with these sweethearts. And capturing the joy of these dear friends was all the sweeter for that amazing sunset.

The day actually started with a foggy cloud cover that lasted through the afternoon. But a gray sky and green beach grass is no foe to the sharp nautical palette they chose. Instead, it infused their fun and sometimes emotional afternoon portraits with a soft light unencumbered by harsh shadows.

We convened at the Wychmere Harbor Beach Club for the wedding ceremony on a lawn overlooking the slate-colored sea. The loving vows did not lack for hilarity. The crowning moment may have been when Heather, so enraptured in her promise, failed to note left from right when sliding Park’s ring on. Although the sun itself crowned them as the announcement came that they were officially man and wife, breaking through with sudden clarity and casting on them its serene, late-afternoon glow.

The reception kicked off as the clouds rolled out, and Park and Heather planned it perfectly. A candy bar, horseshoes, beer pong, a clam bake and lobster dinner not only spoiled every guest, but also probably fulfilled any visitors’ dreams about an east-coast getaway. We occasionally popped outside for more newlywed shots against a dreamy watercolor sunset and then they took to a beachwood floor for their first dance. Fire pits outside gave the gentlemen a fine place to enjoy their freshly rolled cigars and inside, friends and family of every age got footloose.

Cape Cod is often referred to as simply “the Cape.” And capes are essentially mini-peninsulas. As far as geographical lifespans go, theirs are often rocky like their characteristic coastline, due to the barrage of tidal erosion that comes from crashing waves. I tell you this for a reason. As a girl who hails from the harbor towns dotting the northeast, I know a good love like these two have is stronger than the ground they stand on. I’m also staking my claim that the bar has been set on coastal weddings and it’s higher than any Atlantic tide. Congrats, Park and Heather!

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