Paul & Becca’s Harbor-side Wedding

Every couple has a unique story about how they met and this story just so happens to be one of my favorites! I went to high school with Becca and have been blessed enough to have known her as a friend ever since. Three years ago, we had the chance to reconnect in person and decided to head out for a fun, girls night one hot summer evening. Luckily, Paul’s friends had succeeded in convincing him, a quiet, fun and low key guy, to do the same. We all ended up at a little bar in DC called Marvins. It was there that I decided to play matchmaker, approached Paul- who matched the exact description of Becca’s “type”, and introduced him to Becca. Fast forward to the present, June 29th 2012, their wedding day, which I had the absolute pleasure of photographing! These two wonderful friends could not be a better match for each other and they threw an amazing party for their family and friends to celebrate their love.

The day was gorgeous with only a few wispy clouds in an otherwise cobalt sky. The heat was intense and the humidity high, but we were all grateful for the faint breeze that occasionally drifted in from the Boston Harbor. We started with photos around the Boston Marriott Long Warf where there were some pretty brick backgrounds, parks and harbor views and then worked our way over to the New England Aquarium where wedding took place.

Paul and Becca shared their vows among family, friends, ships, seagulls and sea lions while overlooking the sun set on the Boston Harbor. Their cocktail hour took place inside the aquarium so people could  take a break from the heat and enjoy a beverage while taking some time to observe the center shark tank and penguins among other displays.

The reception was a huge success from the toasts to the dancing. They had a killer band, enthusiastic crowd, and a never ending delicious smorgasbord of food and drinks! It is always so special to be able to photograph a friend’s wedding, as you get to be there to see them through one of the biggest and best days of their lives. Thank you for letting me be a part of your big day! Congratulations, Paul & Becca!


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