Perfect Summer Cocktail- the Summer Lantern

I couldn’t go all summer (my favorite season) with out shellin’ out some food and drink favorites. Hopefully this will be the beginning of a monthly food and drink post…or maybe even more than one or two per month…we’ll see. When I get busy with wedding season in the spring and fall it’s not always easy to do more than wedding posts…as I have pictures galore to go through.

Anyway, with out further ado- here is one of my favorite summer cocktails, one that if possible, I ask pretty much every bartender to throw together for me. I call it Summer Lantern because it reminds me of all that is good in summer- sunsets, sipping an nice cool iced tea or lemonade on a hot, sultry, summer’s evening while rockin in an old rocking chair on a big antebellum porch in the south, watching time pass because it’s too hot to move, fireflies, katydids, swimming, peaches and fresh fruit….

Summer Lantern:

4.5 oz Sweet tea vodka

8.5 oz Cold Water

3 oz Peach schnapps

Juice of half a lemon

splash of sparkling water

1/4th lemon thinly sliced

1/4th slice of peach

Ice cubes

Sprig of Mint

Create:  Combine the vodka, water, schnapps, and lemon juice in a shaker with ice. Shake. Fill the serving glass with the peaches and lemon slices, and some mint leaves. Pour the shaker contents into the serving glass. Add several block ice cubes. Add a splash of sparkling water. Give one little stir and add the sprig of mint.  Voila!


Oh boy is it delicious- you really can’t go wrong!

And if you can’t find any sweet tea vodka, regular black tea with a shot of vodka does the trick with out adding that super sweet sugary sweet tea taste.


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