The 5 Best Things About Spring!

I just arrived back to DC yesterday from a fantastic work/play trip to Los Angeles, CA. I can’t wait to share some of the incredible images I took during my workshop with the amazing Jerry Ghionis! In addition to returning with a ton of inspiration for upcoming photo sessions, new lighting techniques and more, after spending some time at the beach, I also returned from LA with a very strong desire for SPRING (and summer…)!!! That LA weather is hard to beat, good thing that warm weather is just around the corner for us – March 20th marks the official first day of Spring 2013! In anticipation of spring’s arrival in a couple of weeks, I’ve put together a list of my 5 favorite things about Spring in DC, as well as some of my favorite springtime images.  Think of them as a visual appetizer:)

1. More Light – Longer days & more light to work with – any photographer’s dream!

2. Cherry Blossoms…and Blossoms in general – How can you not love DC’s beautiful Cherry Blossoms?! Peak blossom this year is expected between March 26-30, so get your cameras ready! If you’d like to get some floral images without the throngs of people in them however, I would recommend arriving in the wee hours and be there for first light. There are also plenty of non cherry blossom plants in bloom all spring- like the fragrant Magnolia tree…mmmmmm! I just love walking down the street and catching a hint of lemon in the air…not to mention, those flowers are quite photogenic themselves!

3. Outdoor Photo Sessions! Don’t get me wrong – I enjoy and have made some incredible images just this past fall & winter in the cold, snowy & rainy weather, but I find that generally my springtime subjects tend to enjoy being photographed outside a little more!

4. Driving with the windows down & the music up loud! – Can’t beat it!

5. Eating Outside-YUM! – DC’s dining room capacity practically doubles in springtime, I can’t wait to hit up some of my favorite spots to eat with my friends in the sunshine.

What are some of your favorite things about Spring or things to do in the Springtime? Share in the comments below, and enjoy these Spring teaser photos!!  We’re almost there folks!!

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